Shikoku Pilgrimage “Unwanted Baggage storage service during the Pilgrimage period”


1. Everyone from overseas aiming for the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Do you have baggage other than pilgrimage supplies? If you do your extra baggage to the “Henro-no-Sato Baggage Storage Center” in front of No. 11Fujiidera Gate (Yamato Transport Yoshinogawa Office, cash on delivery) after completing the immigration formalities.
2.Walk 40km from No. 1 Ryozenji to No. 11Fujiidera, carrying the only what you think you will need.
This experience will help you decide whether you need to reconsider your pilgrim baggage. 
3.We will take care of any baggage that you do not need for your pilgrimage. Your baggage will be delivered to the area near your final destination on your pilgrimage (No. 88 Okuboji,   No. 1Ryozenji) on a date you dicide.
4.If your pilgrimage schedule changes and your destination changes during the pilgrimage, your baggage will be delivered to a nearby baggage storage location or accommodation facility that you specify.
The cost for this is about 2000 yen.

To all foreign pilgrims visiting Shikoku sacred sites.

The current situation of the Japanese walking pilgrim who is attempting this for the first time is as follows.

“Henro-no-Sato Baggage Storage Center” is located in front of No. 11 Fujiidera , about 40 km from No. 1 Ryozenji . This usually take 1 night and 2 days. During this two-day experience, approximately 35% of walking pilgrims reduced the amount of baggage they carried and sent it back to their homes. Additionally, 15% of walking pilgrims buy new shoes.

To everyone visiting Japan from abroad,

Although it is difficult to understand the accommodation situation etc. in Japan, you can learn a lot during the two-day walking pilgrimage, just like Japanese people who experience the Shikoku Pilgrimage for the first time. Based on the experience of these two days, we will help you review the supplies you need for your walking pilgrimage here at the “Henro-no-Sato Baggage Storage Center”, and we hope that you will enjoy your walking pilgrimage of over 1000 km from here.

How to send Baggage from Kansai Airport

1. After entering the country, go to the baggage handling area at Kansai Airport Terminal 1 building.

2. Fill out the necessary information on the shipping form and proceed to the “Henro-no-Sato Baggage Distribution Center” for delivery. The procedure is to fill in the necessary information in the prescribed form. No need to pay shipping.

3. The contract for the baggage storage service will be concluded after this shipping procedure. Please do not lose the delivery contract.
Also, after delivery, you must provide the sender’s name and passport number to the Henro-no-Sato distribution center. Please send ths information by email to       Please do not pack cash, valuables such as passports, or dangerous substances such as flammable items in your baggage. Compensation is not possible.

4. There is no need to pay on the day. At a later date, please come to Henro-no-Sato for an official signature and payment.   We will confirm your baggage transfer destination etc. at the time of payment.

Regarding shipping methods from destinations other than Kansai Airport.

Kuroneko Yamato Office Kuroneko Yamato has approximately about 3,200 sales offices throughout Japan. They are open all year round, and their business hours are usually from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please follow the above procedure from your nearest Kuroneko Yamato office.

Storage Fee

Period Baggage Bag   Box(Small/Normal)
20-30Days              10,000Yen 4,000Yen/5,000Yen
31-50Days 12,000Yen 5,000Yen/6,000Yen
51~ Days                      100Yen/Day 100Yen/Day

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